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Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV

June 12-15, 2006

Speaker & Commentator Biographies

Timothy Axelrod

    Astronomer, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona. Expert in optical surveys, large telescopes, gravitational lensing, and megadatasets.

*G. Jogesh Babu

    Professor of Statistics, Penn State University.  Fellow of the IMS, ASA, AAAS and elected member of ISI. Founding editor of Statistical Methodology. Director of the Center for Astrostatistics. With broad expertise in mathematical statistics, he has been a leader in advancing statistical methdology in astronomy.

Adrian Baddeley

    Professor of Statistics, University of Western Australia, and at CSIRO. Winner of the Pitman Medal, Hannan Medal, Centenary Medal, Bahadur Lecture and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Expert in stochastic geometry and spatial statistics.

*James Berger

    Arts & Sciences Professor of Statistics, Director of the Statistical & Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), former president of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, president of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, Guggenheim & Sloan Fellow, member of the National Academy of Sciences. Author of many volumes and articles on Bayesian statistics including applications to astronomy.

Gary Bernstein

    Associate Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania. NSF CAREER awardee. Member of the LSST and SNAP teams.  Expert in gravitational lensing and Kuiper Belt studies.

Laura Cayon

    Lecturer of Physics, Purdue University, formerly Associate Professor, Universidad de  Cantabria.  Member of the Planck team, and Purdue's astrostatistical team studying the cosmic microwave background.

*Merlise Clyde

    Associate Professor of Statistics & Decision Sciences, Duke University. Expert in Bayesian modeling, wavelets and spatial statistics with applications to proteomics, bioinformatics, astrostatistics, and other fields.

*Alanna Connors

    Astronomer, Eureka Scientific. Expert in gamma-ray astronomy, small-N statistical problems, and Bayesian inference.

Glen Cowan

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics, Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom. Author of Statistical Data Analysis. Expert in particle physics, computational and statistical methodology.

*Eric Ford

    Miller Research Fellow, Department of Astronomy, University of California at Berkeley. Expert in extrasolar planets and planetary dynamics.

Christopher Genovese

    Professor of Statistics, Carnegie-Mellon University. NSF Career Award, Shannon Arward. Statistician in nonparametric inference, spatial statistics, and false discovery rate with applications in neuroscience, cosmology and other fields.

*Jayanta K. Ghosh

    Professor of Statistics, Purdue University; former Nehru Professor/Director Indian Statistical Institute and President of the International Statistical institute.  Fellow of the IMS, past editor of Sankhya, and author of Bayesian Nonparametrics. Expert in asymptotics, bioinformatics, and Bayesian analyses of large and high-dimensional datasets.

Krzysztof Gorski

    Research Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Observational cosmologist, developer of methodology for analyzing the cosmic microwave background, organizer for the International Virtual Observatory.

Robert Hanisch

    Project Manager, US National Virtual Observatory; Chair, International Virtual Observatory Alliance; Chair, AAS Working Group on Astronomical Software. Expert in astronomical surveys, data analysis, software systems, and megadatasets.

Gary Hinshaw

    Astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Director of LAMBDA archive center, winner of Goddard's Space Science Achievement Award.  Co-Investigator and Lead of Data Analysis team of NASA's WMAP mission to study the cosmic microwave background radiation.

David Hunter

    Associate Professor of Statistics, Penn State University.  Expert in computational algorithms in statistics with applications in social network and mixture models.  Leader of R tutorials for astronomers.

Alfred Inselberg

    Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Tel Aviv University, and Senior Fellow in Visualization, San Diego Supercomputing Center, and founder of Multidimensional Graphs, Ltd.  Invented and helped develop Parallel Coordinates data visualization.  Holds several patents and received numerous professional awards.

*Woncheol Jang

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University.  Expert in nonparametric function estimation and Bayesian model selection with applications to astrostatistics and bioinformatics.

*William Jefferys

    Smith Centennial Professor of Astronomy (Emeritus), Department of Astronomy, University of Texas; and Adjunct Professor of Statistics, University of Vermont.  Former Principal Investigator of Hubble Space Telescope astrometry team.  Pioneer in astrostatistics with emphasis on Bayesian modeling.

Christopher Kochanek

    Professor of Astronomer, Ohio State University. Ohio Eminent Scholar in Observational Cosmology. Expert in gravitational lensing, galaxy luminosity functions, and other topics in cosmology.

Chris Koen

    Professor of Statistics at University of the Western Cape, South Africa. Astrostatistician with expertise in time series analysis and discoverer of a class of variable subdwarf stars.

Ofer Lahav

    Perren Chair of Astronomy and Head of Astrophysics, University College London, United Kingdom. Expert in observational cosmology including dark matter & dark energy, large-scale structure (galaxy clustering), megadatasets, and statistical methodology.

*Ji Meng Loh

    Assistant Professor of Statistics, Columbia University. Expert in analysis of spatial data and point processes with applications to cosmology.

*Thomas Loredo

    Senior Research Associate in Astronomy, Cornell University.  Leading astrostatistician with emphasis on high energy astrophysics and Bayesian applications. Developer of the Python Inference package.

Robert Lupton

    Astronomer, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University. Author of Statistics in Theory and Practice. Expert in large astronomical surveys, image analysis, and software systems.

*Louis Lyons

    Department of Physics, Oxford University and Particle & Nuclear Physics, CERN. Author of All You Wanted to Know About Mathematics but Were Afraid to Ask. Organizer of PhyStat conferences on statistical methodology in particle physics.

Vicent Martinez

    Professor and Director of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia, Spain. Author of Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution and other volumes on observational cosmology, and director of the summer school Data Analysis in Cosmology.

Harrison Prosper

    Professor of Physics, Florida State University. Fellow of the American Physical Society. Expert in particle physics (D-Zero, supersymmetry, Higgs physics), small-N problems, and Bayesian statistical methodology.

John Rice

    Professor and former Chair of Statistics, University of California at Berkeley. Author of text Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis. Research in applied statistics and time series analysis including application to astronomy.

William Romanishin

    Associate Professor, Department of Astronomy, Oklahoma University.  Expert in visible light studies of Centaurs, Kuiper Belt Objects and other solar system minor bodies.

*Jeffrey Scargle

    Research astronomer, NASA Ames Research Center.  Leading developer of time series and Bayesian methodology for astronomy including periodigrams, wavelets and optimal segmentation.

Jiayang Sun

    Professor of Statistics, Case Western Reserve University.  Fellow of ASA, IMS and elected member of ISI.  Broad expertise in simultaneous inference, image analysis, data mining, semiparametrics and random fields with applications to astronomy, biological sciences and computing.

Istvan Szapudi

    Associate Professor, Department of Astronomy, University of Hawaii. Developer of methodology for large-scale structure (galaxy clustering), cosmic microwave background, and other megadatasets.

*David van Dyk

    Associate Professor of Statistics, University of California Irvine. Coordinator of California-Harvard Astrostatistics Collaboration. Expert in Bayesian methodology and computation with application to X-ray astronomy and other problems in astrostatistics.

*Rebecca Willett

    Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Duke University. Expert in pattern recognition, signal processing, data mining and Poisson processes with applications in medicine, astrophysics, and other fields.

Graham Woan

    Senior Lecturer and Director of the Observatories, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. Author of The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Forulas. Research in radio astronomy and gravitational wave detection. 

*Michael Woodroofe

    Savage Professor and former Chairman of Statistics, University of Michigan. Former editor of Annals of Statistics and member of NSF cosmology panel. Researcher in various areas of mathematical statistics including estimation with small-N, confidence intervals, and nonparametrics.

*Zhengyuan Zhu

    Assistant Professor of Statistics, University of North Carolina.  Expert in spatial processes and random fields with applications to environmental, business and astronomical problems.

* Participants in the 2006 SAMSI Astrostatistics Program

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