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Summarize varFunc Object


A structName attribute, with the value of corresponding argument, is appended to object and its class is changed to summary.varFunc.


## S3 method for class 'varFunc':
summary(object, structName, ...)


object an object inheriting from class varFunc, representing a variance function structure.
structName an optional character string with a description of the varFunc class. Default depends on the method function: "Combination of variance functions" for varComb, "Constant plus power of covariate" for varConstPower, "Exponential of variance covariate" for varExp, "Different standard deviations per stratum" for varIdent, "Power of variance covariate" for varPower, and data.class(object) for varFunc.
... some methods for this generic require additional arguments. None are used in this method.


an object similar to object, with an additional attribute structName, inheriting from class summary.varFunc.


Jose Pinheiro and Douglas Bates


vf1 <- varPower(0.3, form = ~age)
vf1 <- Initialize(vf1, Orthodont)

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