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Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Structure


A nonlinear mixed-effects structure is a list of model components representing different sets of parameters in the nonlinear mixed-effects model. An nlmeStruct list must contain at least a reStruct object, but may also contain corStruct and varFunc objects. NULL arguments are not included in the nlmeStruct list.


nlmeStruct(reStruct, corStruct, varStruct)


reStruct a reStruct representing a random effects structure.
corStruct an optional corStruct object, representing a correlation structure. Default is NULL.
varStruct an optional varFunc object, representing a variance function structure. Default is NULL.


a list of model components determining the parameters to be estimated for the associated nonlinear mixed-effects model.


Jose Pinheiro and Douglas Bates

See Also

nlme, reStruct, corClasses, varFunc


nlms1 <- nlmeStruct(reStruct(~age), corAR1(), varPower())

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