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Compare Fitted Objects


The columns in object1 and object2 are put together in matrices which allow direct comparison of the individual elements for each object. Missing columns in either object are replaced by NAs.


compareFits(object1, object2, which)


object1,object2 data frames, or matrices, with the same row names, but possibly different column names. These will usually correspond to coefficients from fitted objects with a grouping structure (e.g. lme and lmList objects).
which an optional integer or character vector indicating which columns in object1 and object2 are to be used in the returned object. Defaults to all columns.


a three-dimensional array, with the third dimension given by the number of unique column names in either object1 or object2. To each column name there corresponds a matrix with as many rows as the rows in object1 and two columns, corresponding to object1 and object2. The returned object inherits from class compareFits.


Jose Pinheiro and Douglas Bates

See Also

plot.compareFits, pairs.compareFits, comparePred, coef, random.effects


fm1 <- lmList(Orthodont)
fm2 <- lme(fm1)
compareFits(coef(fm1), coef(fm2))

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