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Calculate Semi-variogram


This function is generic; method functions can be written to handle specific classes of objects. Classes which already have methods for this function include default, gls and lme. See the appropriate method documentation for a description of the arguments.


Variogram(object, distance, ...)


object a numeric vector with the values to be used for calculating the semi-variogram, usually a residual vector from a fitted model.
distance a numeric vector with the pairwise distances corresponding to the elements of object. The order of the elements in distance must correspond to the pairs (1,2), (1,3), ..., (n-1,n), with n representing the length of object, and must have length n(n-1)/2.
... some methods for this generic function require additional arguments.


will depend on the method function used; see the appropriate documentation.


Jose Pinheiro and Douglas Bates


Cressie, N.A.C. (1993), "Statistics for Spatial Data", J. Wiley & Sons.

See Also

Variogram.default,Variogram.gls, Variogram.lme, plot.Variogram


## see the method function documentation

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