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Effect of Phenylbiguanide on Blood Pressure


The PBG data frame has 60 rows and 5 columns.


This data frame contains the following columns:

a numeric vector
a numeric vector
an ordered factor with levels T5 < T4 < T3 < T2 < T1 < P5 < P3 < P2 < P4 < P1
a factor with levels MDL 72222 Placebo
an ordered factor with levels 5 < 3 < 2 < 4 < 1


Data on an experiment to examine the effect of a antagonist MDL 72222 on the change in blood pressure experienced with increasing dosage of phenylbiguanide are described in Ludbrook (1994) and analyzed in Venables and Ripley (1999, section 8.8). Each of five rabbits was exposed to increasing doses of phenylbiguanide after having either a placebo or the HD5-antagonist MDL 72222 administered.


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Ludbrook, J. (1994), Repeated measurements and multiple comparisons in cardiovascular research, Cardiovascular Research, 28, 303-311.

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