Oats {nlme}R Documentation

Split-plot Experiment on Varieties of Oats


The Oats data frame has 72 rows and 4 columns.


This data frame contains the following columns:

an ordered factor with levels VI < V < III < IV < II < I
a factor with levels Golden Rain Marvellous Victory
a numeric vector
a numeric vector


These data have been introduced by Yates (1935) as an example of a split-plot design. The treatment structure used in the experiment was a 3$times$4 full factorial, with three varieties of oats and four concentrations of nitrogen. The experimental units were arranged into six blocks, each with three whole-plots subdivided into four subplots. The varieties of oats were assigned randomly to the whole-plots and the concentrations of nitrogen to the subplots. All four concentrations of nitrogen were used on each whole-plot.


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