Glucose2 {nlme}R Documentation

Glucose Levels Following Alcohol Ingestion


The Glucose2 data frame has 196 rows and 4 columns.


This data frame contains the following columns:

a factor with levels 1 to 7 identifying the subject whose glucose level is measured.
a factor with levels 1 2 indicating the occasion in which the experiment was conducted.
a numeric vector giving the time since alcohol ingestion (in min/10).
a numeric vector giving the blood glucose level (in mg/dl).


Hand and Crowder (Table A.14, pp. 180-181, 1996) describe data on the blood glucose levels measured at 14 time points over 5 hours for 7 volunteers who took alcohol at time 0. The same experiment was repeated on a second date with the same subjects but with a dietary additive used for all subjects.


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Hand, D. and Crowder, M. (1996), Practical Longitudinal Data Analysis, Chapman and Hall, London.

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