Dim.corSpatial {nlme}R Documentation

Dimensions of a corSpatial Object


if groups is missing, it returns the Dim attribute of object; otherwise, calculates the dimensions associated with the grouping factor.


## S3 method for class 'corSpatial':
Dim(object, groups, ...)


object an object inheriting from class corSpatial, representing a spatial correlation structure.
groups an optional factor defining the grouping of the observations; observations within a group are correlated and observations in different groups are uncorrelated.
... further arguments to be passed to or from methods.


a list with components:

N length of groups
M number of groups
spClass an integer representing the spatial correlation class; 0 = user defined class, 1 = corSpher, 2 = corExp, 3 = corGaus, 4 = corLin
sumLenSq sum of the squares of the number of observations per group
len an integer vector with the number of observations per group
start an integer vector with the starting position for the distance vectors in each group, beginning from zero


Jose Pinheiro Jose.Pinheiro@pharma.novartis.com and Douglas Bates bates@stat.wisc.edu

See Also

Dim, Dim.corStruct


Dim(corGaus(), getGroups(Orthodont))

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